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PowAir Gel is environmentally friendly, non toxic and easy to use. It is an industrial strength odour eliminator, yet can be safely used around people and animals.

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PowAir Gel Does What Air Fresheners Can’t

Are you using air fresheners to cover up unwanted smells? If you are, you aren’t actually doing anything to remove the smell, you are just masking an odour that is still present. PowAir gel utilises essential oil based technology to quickly and safely remove bad smells, permanently.

Once opened, PowAir gel quickly goes to work to eliminate odorous molecules in a large area, removing the bad smells permanently. It is also infused with a choice of pleasant fragrances to leave the air smelling fantastic!

A True Odour Neutraliser

An odour remover in gel form, dispensed by natural evaporation, either by removing the lid or through the assistance of the PowAir Breeze fan for 1 & 4 Ltr Gels and PowAir Cyclone for the 20Ltr Gel. This fantastic odour neutraliser permanently eliminates almost any airborne smell, cleanly and effectively – bonding directly with the odorous molecules in the air to render them null and inert and eliminate the odorous molecules permanently. Unlike other odour treatment products which are just odour masking agents, this is a true odour removal agent giving you the ultimate in odour control.

Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic

PowAir Gel is environmentally friendly, non toxic and easy to use. It is an industrial strength odour neutraliser and can be safely used around people and animals.

Instructions for use: Simply open the lid and leave gel to naturally evaporate for as long as the odour is present, occasionally shaking the jar to agitate up the contents. Alternatively a reduced amount of odour Gel can be put into a smaller vessel and left until it has evaporated before topping up with more odour Gel to regulate the lifetime of the PowAir Gel. If a larger area is needed to be treated, or if there is an increased amount of odour, the PowAir Breeze fan can be attached to the top of the jar to increase the dispersion of odour removal product, although this will of course result in an increased consumption rate. For very large odour problems the 20 Ltr Pail can be coupled with the PowAir Cyclone fan to give fast and extremely high area coverage.

Applications: For small-medium sized areas. Hotel rooms. Garbage areas. Confined Areas. Heating vents and Ducts. Jobsite odours. Mildew Odours. Smoke Odours. Food Odours. Food storage areas. Old cellars. Meat and fruit drying areas. Cars/motorhomes. Pet smells and dog baskets. Damp and musty smells. Works on almost any odorous conditions.

Scents: PowAir Gel is available in three fantastic fragrances: Apple Crumble, Passion fruit and Tropical Breeze.

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428g Jar, 856g Jar, 3.6 Kg Jar, 3.8 Kg Pail, 20 Kg Pail


Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze


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